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tires for winter or tire repairs

All-season or summer tires — what’s best for summer driving?

RPM Automotive in Cambridge is an all-season automotive repair shop, from brakes and suspensions to cooling systems and electronic diagnosis. Educating customers by sharing relevant information is one of the many automotive services they provide, and that includes discussing with customers the pros and cons of buying all-season tires. Many people are under the mistaken

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Electronic Testing of Systems for all models of vehicle

Automotive air conditioning: Get it ready for the heat

When you’re a commuter in the summertime, RPM Automotive in Cambridge knows the climate change you’re most concerned about is the one heating up inside your vehicle. You want to be driving in a climate-controlled vehicle with a functioning air-conditioning system, not sweating through rush-hour traffic in a hot car. The trained mechanics at RPM

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Brakes inspection and repair

Smart vehicle maintenance: Book a free brake inspection today

RPM Automotive in Cambridge offers expert services for maintaining and repairing your vehicle’s brakes. Working brakes are essential to vehicle safety, but can be easy to take for granted — when they’re working well. Brake inspections are recommended at least twice a year — or more frequently if you put a lot of mileage on

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Oil and fluid chages and top ups

Synthetic motor oil: Is it better for your car?

RPM Automotive in Cambridge is a family-owned auto shop that offers a wide variety of automotive repair services. While most vehicle owners have come to understand the long-term benefits of regular oil changes, not everyone knows the advantages of using synthetic motor oil over conventional motor oil. Both conventional oil and synthetic oil begin in

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Car damaged from an auto accident

Can a bent car frame be fixed after an accident?

RPM Automotive in Cambridge is well aware that car accidents happen — and so do car-accident repairs. As a family-owned and operated auto repair shop dedicated to domestic and foreign vehicle services, RPM Automotive employs automotive technicians who have serviced vehicles in all stages of disrepair. One of their biggest challenges is fixing vehicle frames

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Exhaust System repairs and tests

Things to know about your car’s muffler and exhaust system

RPM Automotive in Cambridge knows that in an era of increasing environmental concern, drivers are acutely aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy automotive exhaust system. There’s more to your exhaust system than knowing when to book an appointment for muffler repairs, so the automotive experts at RPM Automotive offer some educational tips. Today’s

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Mechanic technician doing repairs

Engine rebuild: The next best thing to a new engine

RPM Automotive in Cambridge encourages all drivers to invest in preventative maintenance to prolong the life of their vehicles. Despite the best intentions of auto manufacturers, engines are not immune from experiencing malfunctions. When this happens, you may require RPM Automotive to complete an engine overhaul. Your car or truck engine can blow or seize

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Shocks and Suspension Systems Repairs

The importance of your suspension system

RPM Automotive in Cambridge can help with all your vehicle’s suspension system needs. You may not know a lot about what your suspension system does for your vehicle, aside from allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride, but it actually has a very important job that involves keeping your vehicle in control and keeping you

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