Service your car’s air conditioner to keep your cool on the road all summer long

The team at RPM Automotive in Cambridge can help keep your vehicle’s air conditioner working well for cool, comfortable summer commutes and family road trips, even in the hottest weather!

Like any operating system with moving parts, your vehicle’s air conditioning should be checked and maintained on a regular basis to prevent problems when you need it the most.

An annual air conditioning checkup carried out by trained professionals involves tests to make sure that the system is working efficiently and that there aren’t any leaks. This includes checking that the thermostat is working well, as well as measuring the unit’s pressure levels to ensure that refrigerant levels meet its manufacturer’s specifications. The service also includes an inspection of the condition of all the parts — the compressor, fans, belts, hoses and seals — for any needed lubrication and for wear and tear that may require preventative maintenance.

Two helpful tips can also help to keep your vehicle’s air conditioner performing effectively between scheduled service appointments. One is to have the cabin air filter of your vehicle checked as part of your regular car maintenance. This filter removes dust, pollen and other pollutants from the air that is vented through the air conditioning system. Like the filter on a home furnace, this filter can become dirty and clogged, resulting in reduced airflow into the vehicle, and should be checked and replaced as needed on a regular basis.

The second is to run the air conditioner for 10 minutes on a weekly basis, even through the winter months. Although blasting cold air in frigid temperatures seems counterproductive, this simple step benefits the condition of seals and hoses, as well as regulates coolant pressure, helping to keep your system in good working condition for those hot and steamy summer days.

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