RPM Automotive offers a wide range of automotive services, including:

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Brake Specialists

No one knows brakes like we do. Brake pads, rotors, shoes – we do it all! They are one of the most important parts of your car’s function, as most accidents on the road are caused by faulty brakes. We can restore your braking system to ensure your safety and to make your vehicle a joy to drive.

Steering & Suspension

In order to avoid accidents your vehicle must have proper steering and suspension. If you are hearing strange noises as you drive over bumps in the road, you may have a suspension problem. When your wheel is not allowing you to steer properly, your vehicle may have a variety of issues that may include your steering pump, belt, rack, fluid, etc.

Transmissions - Service & Rebuilt

When your vehicle shifts gears erratically or with consistent noise, there may be an issue with your transmission. We can service your transmission to prevent future issues or rebuild it when necessary.

Safety Inspections

When your vehicle needs a safety inspection, we will thoroughly inspect the vehicle from bumper to bumper and advise of any safety related concerns.

Air Conditioning

When your air conditioning is leaving you sweltering in the heatwave, we can restore your vehicle’s comfort. We will inspect your A/C system and restore it to the proper working condition. No sweat!

Cooling Systems

As your engine runs, there are hundreds of controlled explosions that occur within it because of spark plugs igniting all cylinders in the vehicle, propelling the vehicle to move. If not contained, the heat from these controlled explosions can very easily destroy your vehicle. We can repair your cooling system to ensure this does not happen.

Electronic Diagnostics

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment can communicate with your engine’s computer, notifying us of potential threats to your vehicle. Allowing us to see into your engine will help prevent future damages by identifying them at early stages.


A leak in your exhaust system can be both harmful to your health and the environment. We can repair or replace your exhaust to ensure a quiet and safe ride.

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