Smart vehicle maintenance: Book a free brake inspection today

RPM Automotive in Cambridge offers expert services for maintaining and repairing your vehicle’s brakes.

Working brakes are essential to vehicle safety, but can be easy to take for granted — when they’re working well. Brake inspections are recommended at least twice a year — or more frequently if you put a lot of mileage on your vehicle — even when they appear to be operating smoothly.

Including a free comprehensive brake inspection as part of regular car maintenance, as offered by the licensed technicians at RPM Automotive, can ensure that the system is in good working order while identifying current and future recommended maintenance.

Since a thorough brake inspection requires removing the tires, it can be helpful to have them checked when switching from winter to summer tires and vice versa. These regular checks not only provide the peace of mind for safety, but they also help to reduce the risk of major unexpected repairs.

A complete brake checkup involves checking the wear and tear of the hoses, brake pads and shoes, calipers, and rotors or drums. The technician can apply lubrication as required, report on how much mileage is likely left on the pads, and make recommendations as to when more extensive maintenance may be needed in future.

The brake fluid needs to be checked more frequently for potential leaks and the fluid becoming cloudy. This can be carried out in conjunction with regular oil changes. Brake fluid does not retain top condition indefinitely, so the system should be flushed and replaced based on your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule, taking your driving habits into account.

Your brakes may need an inspection or possible repairs between scheduled service appointments if you hear a squealing or screeching noise when pressing the pedal, feel a “spongey” sensation when braking, or experience a delayed response time when stopping.

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