Automotive air conditioning: Get it ready for the heat

When you’re a commuter in the summertime, RPM Automotive in Cambridge knows the climate change you’re most concerned about is the one heating up inside your vehicle. You want to be driving in a climate-controlled vehicle with a functioning air-conditioning system, not sweating through rush-hour traffic in a hot car. The trained mechanics at RPM Automotive suggest a seasonal automotive air conditioning system inspection can help you avoid the heat this summer.

An automotive air conditioning system is a sealed pressurized system that utilizes principles of refrigeration to cool your vehicle cabin. Having a professional mechanic conduct a thorough inspection of your system to troubleshoot any potential problems that could arise is a proactive way to prevent system failure. A simple visual inspection is usually a good place to start; a trained air conditioning expert can quickly identify any visibly damaged system components, including compressor and clutch, compressor drivebelts, blocked condenser fins, corroded connections, broken or disconnected wires or even poor insulation. Any of these elements can negatively affect the performance of your air conditioning system.

Leaking in the air conditioning system is one of the most common problems encountered by vehicle owners. A failed O-ring, seal, hose or component could be the cause of any leak of precious Freon that your system uses to cool your car. Only a proper pressure test can identify the exact source of a leak. Another typical problem often encountered in older systems is automotive air conditioning that leaks water into the passenger compartment. One of the most common reasons for this to happen is a clogged drain, expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose. Having the system checked by a certified air conditioning specialist is the best way to have it fixed properly.

With predications of a hot summer on the way, it’s important you get your air conditioning ready for use. Take your vehicle to the professionals at RPM Automotive, 225 Elgin Street North in Cambridge. Call 519-620-1774 to make an appointment, or follow the auto shop on Facebook.

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