The importance of your suspension system

RPM Automotive in Cambridge can help with all your vehicle’s suspension system needs. You may not know a lot about what your suspension system does for your vehicle, aside from allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride, but it actually has a very important job that involves keeping your vehicle in control and keeping you and your passengers safe.

Your suspension system is made up of different components that all work together to absorb the energy created by bumps and holes in the road. Without your vehicle’s struts, shocks, chassis, springs and torsion bars, your vehicle would be incredibly hard to control and keep on the road.

The springs in your vehicle absorb the energy produced and your struts or shocks act as dampeners to dissipate the energy. When these parts are in good working condition, you and your passengers won’t feel the bumps and holes in the road as you drive. If your springs or struts wear out, you may begin to notice more bouncing in your vehicle’s cabin.

Torsion bars, also known as anti-roll bars, exist in a number of vehicles that are considered top heavy and they help to level out side to side motions when your vehicle is turning corners.

There are several indications that your shocks or struts may need to be replaced; most noticeable would be if you are experiencing a bumpy or shaky ride. Your tires may have unusual wear patterns or your vehicle may actually look uneven or not level. When driving, you may notice that you have stiffness or poor steering response as well as instability when braking. Another indication would be swaying or leaning when turning or changing lanes. If you experience any of these, you should take your vehicle to RPM Automotive and have them inspect your suspension system.

If you aren’t experiencing any symptoms of a problem but have reached the recommended mileage according to your manufacturer’s specifications for replacement, you should have your parts replaced. Waiting until your struts or shocks are worn out could cause damage to other parts of your vehicle or compromise your safety.

For more information regarding your suspension, contact RPM Automotive in Cambridge at 519-620-1774.

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