Things to know about your car’s muffler and exhaust system

RPM Automotive in Cambridge knows that in an era of increasing environmental concern, drivers are acutely aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy automotive exhaust system. There’s more to your exhaust system than knowing when to book an appointment for muffler repairs, so the automotive experts at RPM Automotive offer some educational tips.

Today’s exhaust systems are a complex collection of expensive parts and environmental technology. Long gone are the days when muffler systems consisted of some simple piping and a galvanized muffler. Catalysts, oxygen sensors, premium metal piping, dual-wall tubing and even two-stage mufflers can all be part of a new car’s exhaust system. Holding these expensive pieces together and attached to the vehicle underbody are a few clamp joints, some welds and a few pieces of rubber bracketing. Manoeuvring your vehicle through rough terrain, uneven roadways and seasonal weather conditions can take its toll on your entire exhaust system, making muffler installation and muffler system repairs a necessary part of vehicle maintenance.

Your engine exhaust travels from the exhaust manifold, through the catalytic convertor, into the exhaust piping and possibly a resonator before exiting through the sound-deadening confines of your muffler. Taking care of all elements of your system is an easy way to help prolong the life of all parts and prevent paying for a new muffler installation or exhaust system part replacement. For starters, try to keep dirt, carbon deposits, oil and other contaminants from caking the outside of your muffler and piping. If your system includes stainless steel parts, washing them with an exhaust cleaner and wiping them down is recommended. Having a full system inspection at least once a year is also an important part of preventative maintenance. Given the role your exhaust system plays in directing harmful engine gases away from the inside of your vehicle and reducing pollutants released into the atmosphere, it’s important to ensure your system is operating efficiently.

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