The importance of regular brake inspections

RPM Automotive in Cambridge is an authority on automotive brake inspections and repair. Everyone knows how essential your brakes are to driving a safe vehicle, but you may not know when it’s time to take your vehicle in to have your brakes inspected or repaired.

Some indications to when it’s time to take your vehicle to RPM Automotive for a free brake inspection are as simple as when the brake light on your dashboard is red or amber. This may indicate a problem with your ABS or a system imbalance. Other indications may only be noticeable when you are driving your vehicle, such as if your brake pedal is slow to respond or feels spongey, or if you hear a grinding noise or squealing when braking. These and any other symptoms you have experienced when braking should be inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

Your vehicle’s brakes are made up of many different components; starting with the brake pedal that you push, to the brake lines that contain brake fluid to the rotors, pads and calipers that stop your wheels from moving. It’s important when your brake inspection is completed that each and every one of these parts is looked at. The inspection should be thorough, and when completed, you should be provided with a list of parts that need to be replaced immediately and which, if any, repairs can wait. It is important to change certain parts, such as the pads and rotors, at the same time so that they wear evenly.

It’s essential in between servicing your vehicle that you check your brake fluid yourself and ensure it’s at the right level, never letting it get below two thirds full. Using the correct brake fluid at the right level will help keep the wearing of your brake parts to a minimum.

For a free brake inspection, contact RPM Automotive in Cambridge at 519-620-1774.

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