Maintaining your vehicle’s air conditioner

RPM Automotive in Cambridge knows how hot summers can be and how important your vehicle’s air conditioning is in that heat. Whether you are using your vehicle for a summer road trip or for your daily commute, being comfortable allows you to drive better and a functioning air conditioner will make all the difference. RPM Automotive can help ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioner is maintained and functioning well.

While you should have a professional service your air conditioner annually, there are some things you can do to help maintain your air conditioner between servicing. Be sure to keep excessive moisture out of your vehicle, run your air conditioner on a frequent basis, and keep your air filter clean.

To help keep excessive moisture out of your vehicle, you should run your defrost frequently, about five to ten minutes will help clean out any moisture and will help prevent mildew and odours in your vehicle. You should also operate your air conditioner throughout the whole year, running it once a week for a minimum of ten minutes is beneficial as it will help regulate the coolant pressure in your system and will keep hoses from hardening and seals from being ruined. Be sure to run the air conditioner on the coldest temperature at the highest speed. Remember to keep your air filter clean as a dirty one will clog up the airway and reduce the coolness of your system.

For the best maintenance, remember to have your air conditioner serviced by the team at RPM Automotive once a year, preferably in the spring before the hot weather begins. They will measure the pressure in your air conditioner and ensure it meets your manufacturer’s requirements. They will also verify that your compressor is operating properly and will add any required lubricant or oil to ensure that your seals and thermostat are functioning optimally.

If despite your best efforts your air conditioner cannot generate or maintain air temperatures that are below the outside temperature, you may need to have it repaired. RPM Automotive will inspect your cooling system for any required repairs. The most common cause is a low level of refrigerant which could be caused by a leak in your system. The professionally trained staff at RPM Automotive will use a dye test to locate the leak and repair your air conditioner.

To schedule your vehicle’s air conditioning service, contact RPM Automotive in Cambridge at 519-620-1774.

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