Front End Steering

To keep steering straight, there are three key components to your vehicle’s steering system that need to be in good condition: tie rod ends, control arms and bushings.

The tie rod ends are attached to both ends of the steering rack and help push and pull the tires as you turn the steering wheel. Driving through pot holes, over curbs or getting in a minor accident can damage the tie rod ends and effect your vehicle’s steering. There are signs that your tie rod ends are broken or damaged, including pulling to one side, uneven wear on the tires, or a knocking sound when you make a sharp turn.

Your vehicle’s control arms are what connect your wheels to your vehicle. If a control arm breaks or becomes damaged, it will affect your ability to steer.

The bushings are small, flexible pieces that are made out of rubber. Bushings are found between pivot points and moving arms in the chassis and suspension systems, are soften your vehicle’s ride. When the bushings wear out over time, the suspension’s response time slows down, effecting how smooth your drive is.

If you are noticing that your vehicle is not travelling as smoothly as it used to, or you are hearing noises when you turn, it’s time to bring it in to RPM Automotive. Their trained technicians will inspect your vehicle’s front end steering system and locate what part is causing the problem.

It’s also a good idea to have your steering system inspected on a regular basis. That way, issues can be fixed before they become a bigger problem on the road.

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