Air Induction Service

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Every car owner wants to turn on their vehicle and hear the engine purr. But if your engine is making a pinging or knocking noise, idling rough, losing power, hesitating hard starting or drinking more gas than normal, there’s a problem. It’s likely that the problem lies in your fuel or air injection systems. Over … Read more

Beat the Heat with A/C

Air Conditioning systems refueled or repaired

The heat has been almost unbearable this summer, and one of the places that heats up the most is your vehicle. Leaving the windows rolled down puts you at risk for theft, and with the humidity, doesn’t do much to cool down your vehicle’s interior. The fact is, the only way to keep cool during … Read more

Why tune-ups are important

Mechanic tools taking apart engine to replace broken parts

In addition to oil changes, your vehicle also needs other regularly scheduled maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Your vehicle should get a tune-up regularly, according to its specific maintenance schedule. During a tune-up, a technician will complete preventative maintenance, which will help maintain your vehicle’s performance and extend its life. During the course of … Read more

Engine light on?

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Vehicle dashboards have become more high tech and busy over the years. Now they are full of information to not only help you drive, but to make sure your vehicle is running properly. One feature that can be found on the dash of every vehicle is the “check engine” light, which can appear as the … Read more