An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

For many people, taking care of their vehicle means filling it up with gas, washing it, and getting the occasional oil change. But your vehicle needs a little more TLC if you want to prevent breakdowns, avoid costly repairs and drive it for years to come.

Every vehicle has a schedule of regular maintenance recommended by the manufacturer to keep it running at its best. Regular maintenance can include a variety of services, from having the oil changed and fluids topped up to having your brakes serviced or having it inspected.

Some of the most important maintenance services to have regularly performed on your vehicle include tire rotation, four wheel alignment, transmission service, differential service, brake fluid flush, coolant flush, complete suspension inspection and timing belt replacement, if required. All services need to be done at various mileage intervals and time periods.

Performing required vehicle services at the right time and mileage will prevent unseen wear and tear on major, expensive components. This will also give you many benefits, including higher vehicle resale value, longer vehicle life, less major repairs and less fuel consumption. Best of all, you will save money in the long term by keeping your vehicles up to date!

When you bring your vehicle to RPM Automotive, you can rest assured that their licensed technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle when you bring it in for maintenance. Known for their honesty and for having the best quotes in town, you can be assured that your vehicle is not only in good hands, but that keeping it in good shape won’t drain your wallet. Don’t spend time on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck – call RPM Automotive and make sure your vehicle is ready for the road!

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