Oil Changes

Oil is like the blood of your vehicle. Without it, your vehicle will die. Oil is a vital part of your vehicle, and to keep it running smoothly, you need to have your oil changed on a regular basis.

Oil lubricates your engine. Any time the engine is running, there are parts moving, and the oil helps it run smoothly and prevents any of the metal parts from scraping together. It also prevents these metal parts from being exposed to oxygen, which can cause oxidation at high temperatures, leading to rust and corrosion. As you drive, your engine heats up and the oil acts as a cooling agent, preventing it from overheating.

But making sure that you have lots of oil isn’t enough. It needs to be changed on a regular basis. That’s because as the oil travels through your engine, it picks up tiny metal particles that come off due to wear and tear. It carries these particles through your engine and they get stuck in the oil filter. If the filter becomes clogged, oil will not be able to pass through as easily.

RPM Automotive offers oil change services that will get you back on the road again in no time. They will change your oil and filter, and top up all of your fluids. You can opt for regular oil or choose synthetic. Some newer vehicles require synthetic oil, and others can benefit from it. Synthetic oil, while more expensive, flows up to seven times faster, tolerates extreme engine temperatures more efficiently, can boost your vehicle’s horsepower, and can be used up to three times longer before it needs to be changed. It also contains fewer contaminants and can reduce engine wear long term.

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