Belts are not just used to hold your pants up or as a fashion accessory, they are also an important component in your vehicle’s engine. The belts are used to prevent your engine from overheating, they keep your battery from dying and prevent your power steering from failing.

If a belt snaps, it can leave you stranded on the side of the road. The good news is that the belt will give you warning signs before it breaks. The belt should be checked on a regular basis for wear. If it has cracks, it should be replaced. Wear and tear on the belt is normal, and happens every time you drive your vehicle. The winter is also very harsh on your belts, with the cold temperatures affecting the rubber.

Another indication that there is a problem with the belt is a squealing noise. This happens when the belt is not tensioned properly and is slipping. This could be because the belt is worn and has become too loose or the belt’s tensioner needs to be replaced.

Most cars built after the year 2000 will have one belt, called a serpentine belt, that runs throughout the engine. Because it winds through the engine, it can be tricky to replace and is a job best left to the pros.

At RPM Automotive, their trained technicians can replace your worn or broken belt and get you back on the road again. If you are unsure what condition your belts are in, you can bring your vehicle in for an inspection. The technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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